How Many Times Sri Lanka Won Asia Cup


About the Story of Sri Lanka in Asia Cup

The Asia Cup, widely recognized as one of the most prestigious cricketing tournaments held biennially between Asian cricketing nations, has witnessed dramatic highs and lows since its inception in 1983. Of particular interest is the performance record of Sri Lanka, which boasts a rich history in this tournament.

Sri Lanka’s Triumphs: A Breakdown

Sri Lanka has showcased an impressive journey throughout various editions of the Asia Cup. As it stands today, they have secured victory five times, namely in 1986, 1997, 2004, 2008 and finally in 2014. Each victory carries its own tale that provides an insight into Sri Lankan cricket’s progression over the years.

1986: The First Glory

This was truly special as it marked their first major triumph in international cricket. Sri Lanka defeated Pakistan by five wickets to secure their maiden title victory, hinting at promising prospects for future tournaments.

1997: Arrival on Big Stage

The second triumphant campaign came to fruition after more than a decade later. Their two-run victory against India is often considered among the thrilling finishes ever seen ethical cup championships presented a big stage arrival scenario where expert pundits began taking serious note of Sri Lanka’s growing potential.

2004: Reinforcing Dominance

This edition sparked optimism and reinforced their dominance amongst other major players. In an all-exciting final showdown with India once again, Sri Lanka managed to beat them by 25 runs highlighting another remarkable chapter in the storied rivalry between these two countries.

The Recent Goes – Fall and Rise

Rise and fall 2008 -2010

In spite of roller-coaster performances throughout the early editions, Sri Lanka managed to stay ahead in the competition in 2008 when they outplayed India by a hundred runs. However, their invincible run was shattered in 2010 when they were conquered by India leaving them with a bitter defeat.

The comeback: 2014 Championship Victory

The island nation didn’t succumb to its past failures nor allow them to dampen their spirits as they bounced back incredibly well in the next tournament. The unwavering resolve paid off and culminated in an unforgettable victory against Pakistan in the final match of Asia Cup 2014 by five wickets, leading them to glorious moment for fifth time history.

Sri Lanka’s Legacy in Asia Cup

In summary, Sri Lanka’s successful history at the Asia Cup underlays its capability as a fierce competitor on the cricket field. Their numerous triumphs act as clear evidence that affirms its standing among Asian Cricket giants. However, keeping up with shifting dynamics is paramount in sustaining their performance going forward. As it stands today, consistent strategies alongside nurturing emerging talents will be pivotal if Sri Lanka intends to keep claiming victories at forthcoming tournaments and soar higher within international cricket.


To encapsulate, Sri Lanka has won the esteemed Asia Cup an impressive five times so far. Each championship win encompassing different tales of struggle, resilience, determination and ultimate success proving true essence this sport signifies hence presenting why it continues captivate audiences worldwide again again.

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